About Us

Unicoast Freight Solutions Sdn Bhd is a leading logistics and transportation company in Malaysia. Our first sales and marketing office is located in Klang which is close to Port Klang busiest seaport in Malaysia to serve our routine order shipments from China and Hong Kong.

Unicoast Freight Solutions Sdn Bhd provides a one stop logistics solution as below:
- Door to Door logistics service thhroughout our worldwide network.
- Supply Chain management in large volume, high value and time sensitive cargo.
- Personalized logistics solutions to cater clients' specific needs

As licensed freight-forward destination agents we know what you need to get there ON TIME! Our pro-active logistics management is an invaulable asset to developing relationships with both you and custom agents through timely pre-alert notification and seamless centralization of multiple vendor coordination.

We legerage our reputation to offer you the best price and service combination. We negotiate volume pricing whenever possible and our field experience, in many cases affords us the opportunity to deal directly with our carriers. They want our business because we deliver excellence with a responsive core of comprehensive intelligence they trust.

We have abundant recourses and connections. As you come to know and trust our integrated features and benefits you'll naturally give us more of your business. We'll grow together and expand our global reach together. What we do today may change tomorrow because we are always on top and that means moving ahead of the curve.